Dennis W.

"Showed up on time. Completed his evaluation in a reasonable time and handled work professionally. I did not feel rushed and he answered all my questions."

Cindi D.

"I have never had anyone before take the time to explain to me in detail how the medications work. "

Joe M.

"Since he told me to stop the Cymbalta I can now urinate normally. I never thought a medication could do that to me and when I went to a urologist, they didn't even ask me what medications I was on. They said I would need surgery."

Vincent P.

"He called me on the weekend to see how I was doing. I never had anyone do that before. Most just rush you out of the office and probably don't even remember your name. Rob honestly seems to care."

Venessa J.

"I didn't even realize how depressed I was until he started treating me. With only one simple medication he really improved my life. I wish I meet him 30 years ago!"